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Founded in 1978, WD Music Products has grown into one of the world’s largest suppliers of stringed instrument parts. At that time there was literally no aftermarket source for replacement pickguards. Wendy and Larry Davis, veterans of the music industry, recognized this and while Larry was on the road selling, Wendy was home manufacturing pickguards in the spare bedroom. She eventually graduated to a basement shop, and with Larry sourcing out other hard to find guitar parts at the request of customers, WD Music Products eventually grew into the world wide force it is today. Over thirty years later, WD Music is proud to be a full service stringed instrument parts supplier with distributors in the UK, Canada, Australia, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Korea, and across the globe. The pickguard department has continued to lead the way with innovative materials and custom designs, as well as exact replications of hard to find models. This business plan, coupled with unmatched customer service, has created a tradition that lives on today. A few years ago, WD Music opened a retail store in North Fort Myers, Florida, and quickly found out how well outdoor advertising could drive traffic to their store. Currently, there are two Bulletins in use, one north and one south of the retail location. Rock on!

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