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Carter is a name synonymous with the Outdoor Advertising Industry. Serving South Florida markets since 1956; our principal office is in Fort Myers, with our east coast office in Miami. We're growing our company with a straightforward business philosophy-

Provide an excellent product
Be competitively priced
Enhance the business relationship with exceptional customer service

In an age of mega mergers and consolidation of outdoor advertising companies, we're proud to be positioned as an independent, local company in the markets we serve. This local knowledge and commitment is demonstrated in several key areas:

  • We grow our inventory by building new locations, not just recycling old locations with a company logo change. Our real estate experts continually scout and negotiate new sites for locations which deliver maximum traffic and visual impact. In many areas of the markets we serve, our market share dwarfs competitor's inventory. Additionally, our expansion mirrors the growth and change in traffic patterns, so important in Florida markets where rapid economic and population growth creates new residential and commercial hot spots.
  • We are a full service company, meaning we are your one-stop source for design, production and final installation of your advertising campaign.
  • Our illuminated bulletins are illuminated all night, not just until midnight like some outdoor companies.
  • Carter Outdoor was the first outdoor company to utilize tri-visions in the Fort Myers market, and continues to expand its inventory with this exciting outdoor product. Our can-do attitude welcomes your unique or one-of-a-kind project for a "talk of the town" billboard. If you've always wanted to execute a design that includes neon, extensions, 3-D effects and other attention grabbing features, Carter is the company to see.


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